Your donation to plant trees benefits and heals the planet in many different ways. One way is that trees remove carbon from our atmosphere. Trillion Trees founded Carbon Neutral Ltd (now known as Carbon Neutral Charitable Fund) in 2001 to be able to focus on this very important aspect of the benefits of tree planting.  This was the first initiative of its kind in Western Australia.

Measuring carbon sequestration is complex. It depends on the soil, rainfall, type of trees, and many other factors. However, in a general way for every 15 trees planted, 1 tonne of carbon is sequestered from the atmosphere.

Not only will your trees remove carbon emissions by sequestering CO2 from the atmosphere but will have the added benefits of restoring habitat for our native flora and fauna, help cleanse our water systems, prevent soil erosion and the scourge of salinity taking over the landscape.

For just $5 we will grow, plant and care for 1 native tree or shrub planted on protected land, giving you the satisfaction of knowing you are contributing in a very effective way to extract carbon from the atmosphere while improving our overall environment.

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