Research shows that we thrive in many ways through spending time in nature. This includes physical, mental, emotional and ethical benefits.

Trillion Trees creates settings and experiences that connect people to trees, landscapes, and to the natural world.

At one of our many planting events, the activity of contact with the earth, with the elements, and native plants can promote aspects of health and well being,  helping us feel alive from the inside.

At our St Barbe Grove site you can participate in nursery activities and learn about the rich biodiversity of Western Australian native plants and how to propagate them. Engaging like this can bring us a sense of peace, calm, enjoyment, and perhaps even a feeling described as wonder.

Our affinity towards nature shows that we should protect it, both for nature’s sake and our own. Trillion Trees’ activities reflect this mutual benefit, providing places and spaces to engage with nature.


Do your part to help us plant a trillion trees

If each global citizen plants 140 trees we reach one trillion

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