To everything there is a season….

To everything (turn, turn, turn)
There is a season (turn, turn, turn)
And a time to every purpose, under heaven
(Words from the song from The Byrds)

Our winter tree plantings mark the end of an annual cycle. We then celebrate, taking time out to go and enjoy the wildflowers and other beauties of Spring.

Our growing cycle begins in earnest in October each year. We work in keeping with Nature’s cycle and there is plenty of work to do each season to help the seedlings grow into beautiful biodiverse bushland. The Nursery is a hive of activity as the time for sowing seeds for the 2021 winter planting season is almost over.

There is also a lot of work going on in the sites where we planted last year and the year before. Weeds are an ongoing problem; we make sure the fire burden is as low as possible; and where possible we do the occasional watering.

Come and join us in the Nursery or in caring for the young trees and shrubs at our planting sites. There is often a wonderful sense of peace, joy, and great satisfaction when we connect with nature – whatever the season.

Dr Sandra Krempl,
CEO Trillion Trees

From little things … big things grow

The Guildford Meadows planting site is located on the banks of the Swan River in Guildford and has significant environmental importance: both because of it’s diverse population of native flora and fauna, and its role in protecting the River.We first planted at Guildford Meadows in 2016, and our photos provide a glimpse of how tall these trees have grown. Pictured above is our President Thom Scott among these trees, and pictured below the first photo shows the trees planted in 2016 (back row), and in 2017 (front row), and in the second photo the trees we planted in 2019.

Photos – Rob Fyfe (November 2020)

Back row - trees planted in 2016, front row - trees planted in 2017

Do you have stories to tell about Men of the Trees?

A year ago, Murdoch University Masters student Ian Ryan approached Trillion Trees to do his internship as part of his degree.Ian was attracted to Trillion Trees because of our strong focus on engaging the community to help restore the natural environment. In turn, Ian has brought much needed knowledge and skills to Trillion Trees to help us collate and preserve the 41 years of history contained in our archives. Ian is now undertaking an Archives Research Project with the aim to identify how to best make the stories in our archives available to the broader community.

As part of this project, Ian is keen to interview key staff and volunteers about their experiences and memories of the first 4 decades of our existence as Men of the Trees.

If you would like to be interviewed as part of this project, please email Angela Heymans, Administration Officer on

When beauty is a curse

Patterson’s Curse that is! Our incredibly dedicated volunteers have been out maintaining our planting sites and, as they work to ensure our trees not only survive but thrive, they have to contend with many challenges. This includes the tough task of keeping invasive noxious weeds like Patterson’s Curse under control.Well done to all our nature care volunteers, including our President Thom Scot pictured with brush-cutter in hand. If you would like to help,  then email Angela Heymans on

Thank you Jack for the nursery signs!
The Trillion Trees Nursery had a special Christmas gift from a budding graphic designer. Jack Verran applied his skills to developing much needed signs for our Nursery.  The signs have been thoughtfully composed and executed with excellence. This school project was a win for Jack and a big win for Trillion Trees. Thanks also to the Verran family for their contribution to this project.

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If you love trees as much as we do, and love working with young people in the school environment, then get in touch –  EMAIL US we’re looking for volunteers for our expanding Trillion Trees Schools program.

A world audit of trees in 2015 shows there are just 3 trillion trees left in the world – that’s half what there used to be. 

We, as a global community, need a new tree planting target – to plant 1 trillion trees! If each person in the world plants 140 trees, we will achieve this!

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