Trillion Trees is always looking for like-minded individuals and dynamic organisations to collaborate with to make a real impact against climate change; expand our reach, raise awareness and educate on environmental issues and build stronger, connected communities.

Current opportunities

Trillion Trees Schools Program

Empowering younger generations to act against climate change through education and hands-on learning. Since 1980 Trillion Trees Schools has been delivering school-based, environmental education to over 80,000 West Australian School children. Linked to the school curriculum relating to Science, HASS, and the environment, this unique program fosters an appreciation for the natural world and equips young people with the knowledge and understanding needed to act against climate change.

SPROUT! Schools Greenhouse Initiative

Help schools build on-site green houses. Trees grown in the green houses are either planted by students at their school or contribute to our land regeneration projects. An average greenhouse (2.5m x 3m) can produce approx. 1,000 trees a season!

 Ready to make an impact? Get in touch – Shannon Wilson, Communications and Partnership Manager.