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Arlo and Aidan Ride For Trees Video

In 2020, 11 year old Arlo from Sydney wanted to plant trees, however because of the COVID lock down at the time, he couldn’t.

Not letting that stop him, this passionate young man found a way to get around it. He decided he was going to raise money to plant trees instead and his good friend Aidan also took up the challenge! They would ride their bikes around the 7km long Sydney Bay Run once for every $100 raised with the goal to ride 35km or 5 laps round the circuit and each raise $500 for Trillion Trees.

The challenge to plant trees is not an easy one: Arlo and Aidan’s ride symbolises that. It’s tough and not everyone can do it. There’s a lot of ‘heavy lifting’ that needs to be done with getting trees planted. The great news is both Arlo and Aidan surpassed their targets and collectively raised more than $2,250!

Video produced by Steven Parry and Chloe Wyatt

To watch the video, click the image below:

Blue Butterfly Video

Blue Butterfly Project Video

The Blue Butterfly story brought heaps of people together in our Hood. The Woodbridge Primary School and Bassendean Primary School learnt from Uncle Noel Nanup about the special relationship between the Blue Butterfly and the ants. The kids then wrote this up in a script for a play. They learnt Noongar language songs from Gina Williams and were guided by Karen Hethey, puppeteer on how to make the puppets. These schools went on to pledge to plant trees.

To watch the video, click the image below:

Blue Butterfly Video


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Annual Report


VIDEO – On the Edge of the Forrest (1977) E.F. Schumacher, Directed by Barrie Oldfield.
E.F. Schumacher makes a plea for ecological balance as he visits jarrah and karri forests in Western Australia.
Review by Noni Oldfield
Cost – $25.00 plus P&H  Orders –

2019 Annual Report