Sponsorship packages come with a range of benefits including trees, promotional and recognition opportunities, invitations to planting days, social media kit and more.

Trillion Trees Green Planet Supporter

Green Planet Supporter

Take the first step to directly support nature-based actions for climate change. Join a thousands-strong community dedicated to regenerating Australia and help us deliver our mission of ecological restoration in Australia.

Trillion Trees Environmental Advocate

Environmental Advocate

Creating the next generation of environmental advocates. Your support will help Trillion Trees to expand our volunteer network, educate and equip our team with the knowledge and skills to increase our impact and initiate climate action in their own communities.

Trillion Trees Environmental Defender

Environmental Defender

 Bringing new life to degraded land and reclaiming ecosystems for native species. Supporting our metropolitan and regional restoration planting projects, helps Trillion Trees to restore natural habitat for threatened species, including the endangered Carnaby’s Black Cockatoo and the critically endangered Woylie whose populations are suffering from ongoing clearing of native vegetation.

Trillion Trees Climate Action Leader

Climate Action Leader

 Transforming urban landscapes to combat a warming planet. Support Trillion Trees innovative solution-based climate action projects, such as the introduction of drought tolerant eucalypts into metropolitan areas to reduce urban heat effects and habitat loss caused by our warming climate.

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