Trillion Trees Australia is not-for-profit and community driven.

Since 1979 we have been bringing people together to plant trees, reconnect with nature and foster a long-term appreciation of the value of trees for a healthy planet. 

Each year thousands of volunteers help us to plant trees to regenerate the landscape to create a vibrant environment for future generations.

Our Australian planting projects combat salinity and soil erosion, improve biodiversity, and provide habitat for thousands of native species.

Using only Australian native species, most of which are propagated and grown in our own nursery, we have planted over 15 million native trees and understory.

With your help, we can do more. 

Join us today.

Over 15 million trees planted and counting…

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What we do #

Trillion Trees Australia is empowering people to take tangible steps to combat climate change.

We deliver our mission through ecological restoration projects across Western Australia, the creation of locally focused education programs and building connected communities. Trillion Trees Australia reconnects people with nature and fosters a love of, and respect for the natural environment. Through volunteer engagement we regenerate the landscape, along with communities, to create a vibrant environment for future generations.

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