Over 15 million native trees and understory planted in Australia. Let’s plant a trillion!

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Thanks to our donors we have restored thousands of hectares of degraded land and habitat for native wildlife. We believe in selecting the right trees and understory for the right location and conditions.

We only grow and plant native species that are indigenous to their planting location to support local natural ecosystems and wildlife. Our planting sites are monitored to ensure maximum survival.

Become a regular donor and know that your donation is going directly toward our Australian tree planting projects.

Workplace Giving is an easy way to make an impact against climate change, simply organise a tax deductible donation directly from your pay. Why not ask your employer to match your donation? If your workplace is new to workplace giving, we can help you set it up - it's easy! I'd like to find out more about workplace giving.

Over 15 million trees planted and counting…

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