The idea of the Children’s Forest originated with Trillion Trees and a relationship was formed with Whiteman Park where the first stage of Whiteman’s Park Children’s Forest was planted in 2001. In each subsequent year till 2018 another section of the park was planted which has resulted in a significant number of trees and understory being planted in this magical place.

From cleared land to a place of mystery and beauty, providing habitat for our native species. It is an example of how we can quickly transform degraded land into a vibrant living forest.

Each child who helped plant the forest was recognised as being a friend of The Children’s Forest with a certificate and their name recorded on a personalised tile, which was then placed within the Forest.

‘Friends of The Children’s Forest’ were invited to assist Trillion Trees at the annual planting day in June each year until 2018. The event was a celebration of the life of the children involved in creating the forest.

Whiteman Park CF Logo

Visitor entry to the Children’s Forest is free and children, together with their family and friends, are encouraged to explore, enjoy and discover the many wonders of this Forest.


As you follow the pathways through the Forest you will notice indicator arrows that provide clues as to the surprises that await you at every turn.

These include giant marching ants, colourful birds perched high in tree branches and a life-size wedge-tailed eagle’s nest made from steel.

The Forest is located off a bitumen walk/bike path, mid-way between Whiteman Park Village and Mussel Pool.  It’s just a ten minute (500 metre) stroll from either area.

The Children’s Forest is a place where children can come to learn about the importance and beauty of trees and the natural environment as they watch their forest grow and flourish as they do.