“They haven’t been seen for years” Critically endangered Woylies return after urban restoration

October 27, 2023

That was until our ecological restoration site at Whiteman Park became a meeting place for the elusive Woylie…!

Known for its prolific digging and fondness for fungi, this small marsupial has suffered from land clearing and introduced predators more than most. With less than 10 per cent population remaining, sightings of Woylie’s outside of the fenced reserves have been extremely rare.

Trillion Trees Australia has been revegetating the Whiteman Park site since 2017 and have planted over 58,000 trees and understories species.

Restoration Manager, Julian Beasley, said the return of wildlife to the 6-hectare planting site was encouraging.

“We can see the success of a restoration not only in the health of the trees and plants, but in the return of favourable habitat for wildlife.

“It’s not only Woylies that have returned, but we are also seeing echidnas, goannas, fairy wrens, and more and more black cockatoos and eagles.”

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