If the 7.5+ billion people on this planet planted 140 trees each,
we will have planted 1 Trillion Trees!

Using this formula, Western Australian communities should plant 350 million trees in the coming decades
This may seem like a large number, but look at it this way….
An organisation with 20 people would aim to plant 2,800 trees.
That is doable!

If we can’t achieve what we should according to this formula, then let us do the best we can.

Every tree planted counts

Different ways to achieve this goal

♣ Sponsor/donate towards growing and planting seedlings

♣ Help grow seedlings at our nurseries

♣ Get involved in our tree planting programs

♣ Be part of our teams that inspire or educate others about trees

♣ Join us in dreaming up other ways to support this vision

Trillion Trees Challenge

donate what you can afford

All donations over $2 are tax deductible – receipts are issued immediately on payment

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