Trillion Trees Schools (formerly Million Trees Program) was set up in 1989 as part of the Organisation’s mission to rehabilitate land degraded by soil erosion, salinity, weed encroachment and other problems. It seeks to involve the community, especially school age children, in this necessary rehabilitation process.

 It also aims to help children understand the importance of our environment and the need to sustain it, and to get them involved in activities to this end which will be both educational and fun.


Trillion Trees Australia is proud to partner with the ABC series Fight for Planet A: Our Climate Challenge, and is featured in the Community Solutions Plan.


Participating schools will set up a shade-house or growing area at the school. Students guided by a teacher, parent or volunteer, experience sowing and nurturing native seedlings.

Then, during the planting season (normally July to September), the students will go out and plant the seedlings they have grown. The planting site may be somewhere on the school ground, an area near the school that needs revegetating, or somewhere else in the vicinity identified as suitable.

The whole process can be tied into the school syllabuses relating to Science, HASS, and the environment.

The Trillion Trees Schools team have a handbook and other resources that you may find useful. The team run information sharing workshops from time to time.

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Our affiliate in Peel (Men of the Trees Peel Branch) also offers this program for the Peel Region – click for details