Give the gift of trees

The ultimate environmentally friendly gift. Give the gift of trees and you will be helping our Australian planting projects to grow today!

Planting trees is a meaningful way to celebrate a special person or occasion. For every $5 gifted we will plant and care for a beautiful native tree as part of our ecological restoration projects.

We believe in selecting the right trees and understory for the right location and conditions. We only grow and plant native species that support local natural ecosystems and wildlife. Our planting sites are monitored to ensure maximum survival, so you know your generous gift will be making a real impact.

With their majestic plumage and unique calling song, these iconic birds are now endangered. Their habitat taken over by development, their preferred food source, banksias, and nesting trees are nearly gone. Your gift will help to restore and protect precious Banksia Woodlands and save the mighty Carnaby.


All hail the tiny but mighty Honey Possum! Did you know these nectar loving possums can consume the nectar equivalent of 50 litres of soft drink a day! They are also essential pollinators for many native flora species, including endangered Banksia Woodlands of the Swan Coastal Plain in Western Australia.


The quenda is considered an 'ecosystem engineer', their digging activities alter their physical surroundings, changing resource availability for other plants and animals. They are crucial to maintaining healthy ecosystems. Habitat loss, feral pests and drying waterways have drastically reduced their numbers. Your gift will help us restore and protect habitat for this special marsupial.


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